At Questworks, we have demonstrated experience with the specialist structural design and build of post-tensioned concrete floors, foundations and slabs-on-ground in expansible soil environments. We offer PT design and build for the following:

  • Offices
  • Residential Apartments
  • Car Parks, Shopping Centres
  • Hospitals, Institutions
  • Transfer Beams
  • Educational / Institutional Buildings

Post tensioned concrete slabs are tried and tested in many parts of the world. Concrete has a low tensile strength but is strong in compression. Utilizing this compressive strength of concrete by keeping it in compression due to pre-compression with PT, enables the element to safely contain applied forces while still in compression and has a superior utilization of concrete strength to enhance flexural containment combined with the PT strands and additional reinforcing steel. With PT, as has been our experience, we are proud to continue to deliver slabs that have:

  • Maximum storey height utilization
  • Minimum number of columns due to larger span capability
  • Rapid construction compared to all alternatives
  • Savings in cost and program
  • Maximum design flexibility
  • Optimum and clear spans
  • Joint-free, crack-free construction
  • Better serviceability limits for deflection

We understand that a fundamental advantage of PT is its superiority in economically spanning further than all counterpart reinforced concrete slab solutions.

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