Dr. Raúl addresses the Department of Economic Development and Commerce in Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC) is responsible for implementing and supervising the execution of Puerto Rico’s public policy on economic development in the various entrepreneurial sectors of manufacturing, commerce and tourism.

In August 2016, Dr. Raúl was invited to speak to the DDEC on renewable energy and social enterprise opportunities in Africa. For 30 years now, Raúl, an alumni of the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University and CEO at Questworks, has spearheaded many engineering and construction projects in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, the USA and Kenya including the award winning Strathmore Business School and one of the largest rooftop PV Solar Installations in East and Central Africa.

Dr. Raúl has recently given similar talks on Engineering, Renewable Energy and Social Entreprise at the:
  • 2016 KCB Developers Club Forum
  • University of Puerto Rico
  • The First Annual National Construction Authority Conference
  • World Youth Alliance
  • IQSK Seminar
  • Hodari Boys Club

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