Free Post Tension Technical Seminar for Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Developers

On the 1st of December, Questworks in partnership with Strathmore Business School, offered a Free Post Tension Technical Seminar which saw over 40 Architects, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Contractors and Developers learn how post tensioning can be used to design and construct buildings that are better, more appealing, cost efficient, and with a lower carbon footprint.

Post-tensioned concrete slabs in buildings have many advantages over traditionally reinforced concrete:  

  • Longer spans
  • Lower overall cost
  • Elegant thin slabs even with large spans
  • Deflection-free slabs
  • Waterproof floor and roof slabs
  • Faster construction
  • Slimmer columns and smaller footing
  • Cost-effective raft foundations

The first post-tensioned buildings were erected in the USA in the 1950’s. Post Tension is now increasingly found in more world-class high-rise structures and is often the technique of choice for sophisticated designs and special elements such as transfer beams and raft foundations.

Kenya’s first post tensioned building, Strathmore University's state-of-the-art Law School, was finished in 2016. Questworks Ltd designed and built the structure on a turn-key contract. Once off the ground, the construction crew achieved 2 slabs per month with beam-free spans of 25 x 9 meters and 13 x 13 meters. In order to design and construct using post tension, the firm's engineers must be Certified Post Tension Field Specialists and Inspectors.

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